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Korean for dummies: You can speak it too!

Everyone can speak Korean. It's a really simple and intuitive language. If you watch k-dramas you can quickly pick up a basic vocabulary.
This way you'll be able to order a portion of Kimchi in you favorite Korea (but the Northern one is not recommended).
Or you can talk on busses about other people without being understood.

Let's have an example:

You are on the bus with your friends. You and, let's say... pseuglam, are facing towards the rear end of the bus, while the remaining friend (a random name may be Megha) is facing you the other verse. 

Suddenly, rides on the bus the exact copy of Izma (the Emperor's new Groove), an old lady covered in wrinkles and with light blue eyeshadow, not only on her eyes, but on her dark circles as well.

You and Pseuglam are trying with all your might not to break a rib by not laughing and Megha eyes you interrogatively because she can't see the lady.

How can you make her understand?
This is how the scene should work out:

You: Mimashitaka? (Grr. Sometimes you cannot pick korean vocabulary fast enough)
Megha: Aniyo, Nugu?
You: Err... Ahjumma.
Pseuglam: Ahjumma, ahjumma G-Dragon.

By now Megha understands that the old lady was wearing abnormal clothes/make-up and being ridiculous, and you can all laugh together while the rest of the passengers and the ahjumma watch you with despise because you are disturbing everyone.


Also, we should make this guy and that Crocker Britney-stalker guy meet. They'll fall in love, have ugly fanbabies, and hopefully disappear from the internet. 

Kpop and Smurfs.

See JoKwon in all his gay joyful glory. 

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http://www.youtube.com/user/simonandmartina Watch the Lucifer and Turn it up and Shut up commentaries.

http://twitpic.com/2zobf3 PLZ DON't HATE HER HIM!

Oh God... Jaejoong has been studying Japanese for how many years? How can he come up with this?

"Kyou yokunai kotoga okotte ..sumimaseng ...mata lenraku simas.. "
FAIL. His twitter name is mjjeje.

THE SMURF MOVIE. (no, it's not another Big Bang CM. It's an Hollywood movie)

Collapse )Also, Johnny Depp to be the seiyuu (What was the english word for "doppiatore"?) to a new Hollywood animation movie:
I can't wait to see it.

Mmm I don't have anything else to say. Bye!

Macros... They are BACK.

Ok... How long has it been since I posted my macros? Too fucking much.
And I was quite prolific.

So I'll post the ones I find funnier. For the rest, just stalker my photobucket: http://s852.photobucket.com/home/makiyoyoyaoi

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Collapse )(I never realised JoKwon/Chansung was so popular...)

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pseuglam  and Megha think that this is my masterpiece:
kpop,macros,Super Junior,Eunhyuk,Donghae,Leeteuk

Comments are appreciated but not necessary.

From Japan, with fury

Oooooook, I'm alive and.... I'M IN JAPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

Ok, this post is just something to prove that I exist in this world.
It's wonderful, (awfully hot mind you) but nonetheless marvelous.

The otaku within me squeals at every street corner. The sight of japanese schoolgirls (and even more, japanese ikemens...) gets the best out of me....

Oh, I already saw 43654862367 posters of NEWS, Yamapi, SMAP, Hey Say Jump and strangely not so many of  Arashi...

I have a very important dilemma. I have to choose between the single plus dvd of Break Out by Tohoshinki, and the new SHINee album Lucifer.... My soul is torn by this...

My friend emy_marshall  feels my pain.

Goodbye! I'll post photos the next time!


Loverholic/ Robotronic. Her whisper is the LUCIFER.

Io l'avevo detto che facevo un post sclero quando usciva l'MV.

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Sorry for the capslock frenzy, now I'm calm.

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Sica noona, the method to put an elephant in the fridge is?? ke

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If you want to lose ur mind try scrolling down the comments here:
EDIT: and here:

AND this song is amazing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJbOe5pI8Sg
Oh yes, compliments to Hangeng and his first solo concert. BUT EVERYTHING DISAPPEARS IN CONFRONT OF THIS COMEBACK.


Preparatevi a un post sclero quando uscirà l'MV vero e proprio.

Intanto godetevi questo:
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Minho (senza lode né infamia, anzi no, infamia), Taemin (mi fa diventare lesbica, nel senso che voglio fare sesso con lei), Jonghyun (DAYUM BOY! I'd tap that), Onew (quella frangia è un po' troppo anni 90... Ma riesce comunque a farmi sbavare) e infine...

KEY. CHI CAZZO TI HA FATTO GIOCARE CON LE FORBICI? Anzi no, mi rifiuto di credere che tu abbia avuto a che fare con questo schifido scempio.
SCAPPA DALLE STYLIST NOONAS! Sono solo gelose della tua bellezza!!!

Dimentichiamo l'orrore e facciamoci due risate a spese di Siwon.

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A Battle of Wits, film Hongkonghese del 2006 col nostro bel Shisus...
Orribili quei capelli di plastica nevèro? E a quell'epoca non si era ancora depilato le sopracciglia, quindi possiamo percepire la piena potenza degli Shibrows.

Aspettatevi qualche altra macro, perché quel film non l'ho ancora finito di vedere...


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Sono usciti trailer e intervista agli attori dello Svarione degli Anelli 3:

MIO PAPà PER UN PO' CI HA CREDUTO. Poi sono scoppiata a ridere....